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Having the right professional and robust beauty equipment is essential for your business.

Professional aesthetic equipment, BSM Technology a sure value.


Above all, we are proud to offer you the best in professional beauty equipment . Indeed, the various devices have been crafted with great expertise and know-how since the creation of BSM Technology. At the beginning, the company distributed "second hand" equipment in the aesthetic and medical field. Its influence quickly became European and then worldwide. The founder, Bertrand Smeyers, was truly driven by entrepreneurial energy and wanted to distinguish himself from the competition by offering innovative equipment. His aim was to achieve unrivalled performance in terms of aesthetic, medical and well-being care. As a result, the company celebrates its 200 partnerships worldwide in early 2022.

Working with BSM Technology means becoming part of a family of professionals who move forward together.


What types of professional beauty equipment do we offer?


Equipment for slimming, anti-ageing and muscle remodelling


Firstly, the company offers a wide range of professional beauty equipment. On the one hand, you can opt for a radiofrequency device thanks to NOVA RF. Indeed, it is a precious ally in the elimination of wrinkles, the firming and the embellishment of the skin. But also for modelling the body and eliminating visceral fat. In conclusion, a multi-faceted product that helps to correct complexes.

Then discover NOVA CRYO, professional cryolipolysis machine. For all those who are not yet familiar with this innovative technology, it is an aesthetic treatment that causes the elimination of localized fatty deposits. This ingenious technology induces the crystallization of adipocytes which self-destruct under the action of cold. Moreover, this safe treatment does not cause any damage to neighbouring cells. Therefore, Cryolipolysis is the number one alternative to liposuction thanks to the 360° suction system with 4 Peltier plates per applicator!

Finally, if you want to reshape the body of your customers in a spectacular way, then NOVA SCULPTthen NOVA SCULPT is the professional beauty equipment for you. Finally a 2 in 1 solution for the abdominal muscles, buttocks, arms and legs. Indeed, NOVA SCULPT is anelectrostimulation or EMS equipment by electromagnetic waves. Thus, the electromagnetic waves will act in a targeted way by causing involuntary muscle contractions. As a result, the intensity of the waves chosen will strengthen and densify the muscle fibres while burning localised fat.


A professional pulsed light device that is unique on the market


In order to offer painless long-lasting hair removal and photorejuvenationTo provide the best possible results, turn to NOVA EPIL. With its precise action, this professional IPL device is the solution for permanent hair removal. You will see long-lasting results on all skin types. In addition, this treatment features a unique cooling technology for longer working periods. Since the safety of your customers is essential, NOVA Epil with its SHR technology avoids any damage to the skin. In conclusion, NOVA EPIL is a professional IPL machine that allows you to work on all skin and hair types in any season in a Painless and SAFE way.


Deep skin care


With NOVA Hydraprofessional beauty equipment, your customers will be delighted to find their skin healthy and clean. With its 9 high-quality handpieces, this trendy and effective skin care product will help you develop your business and demonstrate your expertise. These include a cleansing foam with active oxygen (to remove the first layer of dead cells), a hot-cold hammer (to open and close pores), dermabrasion (with different heads), a spatula, oxygenation of active ingredients, ultrasound, radio-frequency, bipolar microcurrent (to reshape the oval of the face) and 5-pole microcurrent for a plumping effect. What's more, NOVA Hydra offers a range of protocols to suit every need. In conclusion, professional quality in facial care for your customers is available from BSM Technology.


LED phototherapy

The virtues of LEDS have now been proven in numerous clinical studies. BSM Technology goes one step further by combining artificial intelligence with photobiomodulation. Our device enables d'aautomatically adjust LED intensity according to skin phototype. But that's not all! automatically calculates the optimum distance for positioning the LEDs on the area to be treated! A real revolution in the use of LED phototherapy. Over 30 pre-recorded programs, backed by clinical studies, are available for face, body and hair. The device is also suitable for the medical field, thanks to the expert mode that lets you create customized programs to suit your needs!



Perineal rehabilitation


Finally, another professional device offered by BSM Technology, PERIVIAL . In other words, PERIVIAL is a device to strengthen the perineum The PERIVIAL is a device that can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and to combat the appearance of problems in the pelvic floor muscles. Indeed, these are very important for some people and that is why we offer you this powerful equipment to rehabilitate them. In concrete terms, this technology is very interesting for treating incontinence and post-partum rehabilitation in a non-invasive way. From a technical point of view, PERIVIAL is an electromagnetic field that propagates through the clothing and the skin. The electromagnetic waves will only target and stimulate the pelvic floor muscles. Moreover, this technology is effortless, painless and very easy to use.



A human company that listens and is available


In concrete terms, all members of society pay particular attention to the notion of respect. Indeed, respect is as much for things well done as for those who do them. Moreover, we are passionate about technological solutions and innovations... It is in this sense that we choose the best for your care tomorrow. Finally, the team gives priority to exchange, complicity and permanent support with its partners who trust us with their professional aesthetic equipment.

You wish to expand the services offered to your customers in aesthetic care. Or you are creating a professional project. We will work with you to find the best technologies to implement. Thanks to its expertise, BSM Technology can give a real boost to your business. From permanent hair removal to body remodelling and anti-ageing treatments, BSM Technology adapts and takes into account your needs to move forward hand in hand.

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