Nova Perivial

Perineal muscle training / perineal reeducation device

How does the perivial work?

First, the electromagnetic field spreads through the clothing and skin inside the body. As during physical exercise, it triggers the motor nerves and stimulates muscle contraction. As a result, this electromagnetic field muscles the perineum, prevents problems and dysfunctions. At a high frequency, you will have the feeling of an intensive workout. Finally, this technology has been used for several years in the rehabilitation of the perineum muscle, and its effectiveness has been proven.

Professional aesthetic device dedicated to perineal rehabilitation. In this context, the Nova Perivial allows the treatment of dysfunctions linked to the weakening of the pelvic floor. These patients lose, or have a weakened control of the urinary sphincter. Thus, Nova Perivial restores strength to these muscles and tissues.

Up to now, the methods of perineal rehabilitation have been rather limited, with restrictive physical exercises or unpleasant electrical stimulation.

In addition, the difficulty of retraining the pelvic muscles is that they are not visible and difficult for the patient to identify without assistance.

Then, based on the electromagnetic pulse technique, Périvial allows effortless, painless and very simple muscle strengthening by stimulation.



Reduction of incontinence


Rehabilitation of the perineum


Reduces nocturia


Increased sexual pleasure




Performs thousands of muscle contractions per session

Perineal rehabilitation
Professional device for perineal rehabilitation: Nova Perivial


The patient is comfortably seated in the Perivial chair. The seat then delivers electromagnetic waves that act deep down on the pelvic floor.

During the session, the pelvic muscles are automatically stimulated with the possibility of adjusting the frequency and intensity of the magnetic field to personalise the treatment. The result is a totally optimised muscle stimulation. Impossible to obtain with classic exercises.

A session of perineal re-education lasts about 30 minutes in "hands-free" mode. Up to 12,000 voluntary contractions will be induced in the pelvic floor muscles. The equivalent of 12,000 Kegel exercises.

It is necessary to count on average, about ten sessions from 2 to 3 times per week. In order to obtain significant results.

70% of patients report a clear improvement!

In addition, a stronger pelvic floor reduces nocturia (waking up at night to void). And can even improve sexual satisfaction and pleasure.


Perivial result on patients after 6 treatments:

  • 95% of treated patients improved their quality of life.
  • 67% of treated patients reduced or completely eliminated daily use of sanitary napkins.
  • 100% of the patients reported a better knowledge of the pelvic floor muscles.

The best part of Nova Perivial is that it is done fully clothed. Thus, the patient does not need to put on sports clothes. As a result, he or she does not have to worry about sweating, or undressing for any visit with the practitioner.
In addition, the electromagnetic field passes harmlessly through clothing to stimulate the pelvic floor. All while sitting and relaxing. Therefore, it is the ultimate in non-invasive procedures.


American urologists have shown that the use of Pulsed Magnetic Fields significantly improves the control of people suffering from incontinence. So far, more than 10,000 people have tried the system. The majority have had positive results. This is because the Pulsed Magnetic Fields stimulate the pelvic nerves. This stimulates the muscles that control urinary function and increases blood circulation. Finally, a research study in which a group of patients was followed for six months. After the treatment, it was found that 28% of the group no longer lost urine.

Technical Specifications


Voltage: 200-240V/100V-120V 50/60HZ


Pulse width: 200us


Power: 1800W


Wave type: two-phase


Frequency: 1-150HZ