NOVA RF Professional Radiofrequency Device

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Radiofrequency is a recognised technology in beauty care. Indeed, the operating principle is simple. The device, with its treatment heads, diffuses short electromagnetic waves. As a result, the molecules rotate and allow a thermal stimulation of the cutaneous and subcutaneous fibres. Moreover, this thermal energy will have several actions on the fibres. Firstly, the radiofrequency allows a contraction of the existing fibres on the surface. Then deep down, its action causes the production of new fibres such as collagen and elastin on the face. Finally, radiofrequency also targets the adipocytes and allows for lasting slimming.


In conclusion, Nova RF, a professional radiofrequency device, is an effective treatment forslimming, body remodelling (cellulite, skin firming) and rejuvenation.

The Nova RF radio frequency device:

Nova RF device

Adopt next-generation touchscreen design


Detects advanced temperature in real time:

The Nova RF device displays the body temperature in real time.


Has a super powerful 250W dual-pole RF

State-of-the-art professional aesthetic equipmentRadio Frequency up to 250 W is available for the complete treatment of the body, such as the face, abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, thighs and calves.



Elimination of wrinkles


Skin tightening


Adipocyte elimination


Beautification of the skin


Body modelling

Radio frequency device: Nova RF

The Nova RF device adopts the latest generation ofRadio Frequency firming technology.
This is characterised by a precise action on the 3 layers of the skin, the superficial epidermis, the dermis and the deep dermis. Indeed, you can erase wrinkles, tighten the pores of the skin and enhance its beauty. Another advantage is the removal of visceral fat and the shaping of the body.

Using the Nova RF device

Intuitive advanced software

Photos of results in a single session with Nova RF professional radiofrequency device

NOVA RF radiofrequency body slimming treatment from BSM Technology

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anti-wrinkle treatment with NOVA RF BSM Technology radiofrequency device