pulsed light device


The laser, used in hair removal, has the function of destroying the hair through its pigment, melanin. The term laser comes from its acronym "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". The laser is an invisible beam of light that passes through the skin without causing any collateral damage. The conductor is the melanin in the hair, and this light is transformed into heat, thus destroying the hair while preserving the skin.

The diode laser works on the same principle as the SHR pulse light. Here too, the light is concentrated, but it is more focused and the light source is a "monochromatic light", close to the infrared zone. As this light is more concentrated, the energy is more concentrated on the hair. Our diode laser has 3 wavelengths combined and therefore eliminates the deeper hair roots. Many diode laser suppliers only have a wavelength of 808nm, unlike our 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm wavelengths. It therefore works in three different layers of the skin. The centered light also makes it possible to reach blond, gray or even white hairs, which have very little melanin.

Treatment with a diode laser produces deep heat. This involves creating what is called a heat jam under the skin. In doing so, you feel a pleasant warmth in the treated area. In addition, you feel a slight nail-like effect under the skin. Thanks to our unique application and manufacturing process, the treatment is Painless.

NOVA RL also has two handpieces 1200W with a spot width of 12x12mm for small areas such as the face and 2000W with a spot width of 12x23mm for large areas to be treated such as the legs.


Professional Diode Laser


Permanent hair removal


Painless treatment for all areas


3 wavelengths


2 hand pieces


up to 80J/cm2

The professional LASER DIODE NOVA R-L allows you to work

on all types of skin and hair, in a Painless way in any season.

NOVA R-L, the new LASER DIODE technology

First of all, the laser hair removal market has been evolving for years. Therefore, NOVA RL, professional 3-wavelength diode laser offers your customers the latest technology for optimal results in permanent hair removal.


But what is the benefit of a 3 wavelength laser?

The Diode laser adapts to all hair sizes, including the finest, for effective and complete hair removal from all areas of the body. Thanks to a longer pulse time, diode lasers can be used on dark skin.

 As always, the number of sessions varies according to the hairiness, the area to be treated and the skin phototype.

 In women, certain areas are hormone-dependent, such as the face or the bust, as opposed to the legs or underarms. Hormone-dependent areas will therefore require more sessions to be completely removed because hair growth is regularly stimulated by hormones. Maintenance sessions may be necessary. For the other areas, the result will be definitive between 6 and 8 sessions.

 In men, hair growth is more stimulated. Permanent hair removal is therefore longer and not always 100% complete. The Diode laser is the ideal laser in this context, because it allows for very good quality hair removal by eliminating the greatest number of hairs.

  • It is a versatile laser that can remove hair from all skin phototypes thanks to the refined management of its firing time and its energy accumulation mode.
  • The latest generation of diode lasers allow for a painless treatment.
  • This laser can treat all areas for women and men including fine hair.
  • The 3 wavelengths will allow you to treat all types of hair

How does Diode laser hair removal work?

This device produces a wavelength invisible to the naked eye that targets the melanin in the hair (its color). The concentration of the laser light is transformed into heat at the base of the hair follicle. The hair follicle and its germinal endings are volatilized: the hair will no longer grow back.


As always with laser hair removal, the hair follicles destroyed are those in the hair growth phase. Those that are not in the growth phase will also be destroyed, but not permanently, because the structures that feed them are not destroyed.

 To achieve permanent hair removal from an area, all the hairs must be touched by the laser at least once during their growth phase. Hence the need to repeat the sessions at a specific interval depending on the area to be depilated.

 Once destroyed, the hair will emerge and fall out on its own within two weeks following the treatment. This distant hair loss is completely normal and typical of diode laser hair removal.


NOVA R-L is accompanied by the development process of the BSM Technology team which will allow you to offer a unique ALL ZONE COLORLESS TREATMENT in permanent hair removal!

In conclusion, NOVA RL allows the treatment ofdark, blond, red and even white hair. Moreover, the device can be used in any season on all types of skin.

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Lightweight and ergonomic handpieces



755nm - 808nm - 1064nm


Applicator surface 15x50 mm


Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz 110 V / 50 Hz

With 10 A fuse


Control device

Touchscreen 8″ TFT color display


Frequency of repetition

2000W : 1-20 Hz
1200W : 1-10 Hz


Circulation water cooling

semiconductors + ventilation + sapphire crystal


Cooling temperature

down to -16°C


Storage temperature

-20 ℃~+55 ℃


Packaging dimensions

117x56x50 cm


Net weight

56 Kg