Professional muscle electrostimulation device: NOVA SCULPT, discover the new generation of EMS

30 min treatment = 20,000 crunches or squats

The solution for effortlessly building up abdominal muscles, buttocks, arms and legs.

NO power loss when all 4 pads are in action

NOVA Sculpt technology: professional electrostimulation device

  • Pulsed electromagnetic waves(EMS technology)
  • 4 independent engines
  • 7.0 Tesla power per applicator


The electromagnetic energy is pulsed in a localised manner. The waves cause supramaximal muscle contractions. The intensity strengthens and densifies the muscle fibres and burns fat in the worked area. You can choose the intensity of the waves thanks to the intuitive software in French and thus adapt the session to your patient's profile.

Duration of treatment 

A NOVA Sculpt treatment consists of 4 to 6 sessions spaced 48 to 72 hours apart.
1 session lasts 30 minutes and corresponds to 20,000 supra-maximal muscle contractions.

nova sculpt device

Nova Sculpt is anelectrostimulation device(EMS) using electromagnetic waves. It allows a simultaneous muscle remodelling and slimming. 

The 'intelligent' programme contains 3 different phases. Firstly, the classic stimulation phase. Secondly, the intensive stimulation protocol. Finally, the recovery phase. In conclusion, you work safely without the risk of muscle injuries.

The hands-free technology of thisprofessional electro-stimulation device allows you to attend to your other clients at the same time.

Non-invasive, electromagnetic waves act in a targeted way on the abdominal muscles, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs.

ADVANTAGES of NOVA SCULPT professional electrostimulation device


4 independent applicators including 2 curved ones for arms and legs


Intelligent" 3-phase programme


Hands-free technology


No power loss thanks to 4 motors

Technical characteristics of the professional electrostimulation device


Magnetic Power: 7.0 Tesla


Technology: Pulsed electromagnetic waves


4 independent engines


Dimensions: 46x38x113 (cm)


Air cooling


Treatment protocol: Smart and expert mode


Pulse width: 310µs


Interface: 10' touch screen

Customer benefits


Care for men and women


Short and painless session


In-depth muscle strengthening


Possibility of working 4 zones simultaneously


Effortless fat removal


Intelligent" programme with 3 phases


Sustainable outcome


No consumables

During exercise, contractions increase the energy demand of fat cells. The epinephrine released signals the fat cells to activate lipolysis(1).

During a Nova Sculpt session, the intensive supramaximal contractions (ISC) enhance the release of epinephrine and cause maximum lipolysis in the fat cells.

Indeed, the overflow of free fatty acids causes cellular dysfunction and the induction of apoptosis(2). As a result, dead cells collapse and are naturally shed.

In conclusion, ICS stimulates the response of the muscles through a deep remodelling of their internal structure, leading to an increase in muscle density and volume.

  • (1) Lipolysis: breakdown of lipids leading to the release of fatty acids
  • (2) Apoptosis: programmed natural death of a cell
Price of NOVA Sculpt, professional electrostimulation device using electromagnetic waves:

As with all our range of professional beauty equipment, NOVA Sculpt is available for hire. For a personalised study of our financing solutions, please contact us via the form.


Before treatment, the muscle is thin and short in circumference.
In addition, the myofibrils are loose with a low density.


After the treatment, the muscle is strengthened and gains in circumference.
In addition, the myofibrils are stronger and increase in number and density.

How the muscle remodelling machine works