The NOVA Hair device for hair regrowth

A revolutionary process bringing: results, profitability, innovation

Understanding hair loss

Hair loss is caused by 2 phenomena: the stiffening of collagen and the suffocation of the hair. In fact, the hair is surrounded by a flexible collagen sheath that can accumulate, regain strength and therefore cause hair loss. However, it is not because the hair no longer grows that the bulb is no longer present. It is just inactive because it is no longer sufficiently nourished, which is why all of the processes that we put in place allow us to make them active again.

How NOVA Hair works

NOVA Hair is an innovative technology. With a simple and effective use. Indeed, we can start the service thanks to the different handpieces allowing to clean and soothe the scalp, to inject a solution against hair loss, to massage the scalp in order to open the blood vessels and to facilitate the absorption of the solution. Once done, the person can place himself under the helmet which diffuses different energies. 3 LEDs (Red, Yellow, Blue) to promote blood circulation and treat scalp inflammation. But also 2 low frequency lasers (650nm and 808nm) which allow to bring oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles which allows to make 80% of the sleeping ones active.

In conclusion, NOVA Hair is a revolutionary process that fights hair loss, promotes hair regrowth, and thus densifies the hair.

How does a NOVA Hair treatment work?

In order to have an optimal result, the services are to be done once or twice a week (30 - 60 minutes) during 3 to 6 months according to the gravity of the hair loss.

The advantages of working with NOVA Hair

  • Proven results
  • Promote hair regrowth
  • Fighting hair loss
  • Densify
  • Profitability
  • Innovative care