SOFT FX, the professional skin analyzer

Method and system

Map&Apply is the method for creating an exclusive, personalized wellness protocol for your point-of-sale customers that begins with a professional, in-depth analysis of skin parameters to offer a complete, personalized mapping of the face, hands, décolleté, body, legs and hair, using the most advanced equipment available on the market: Soft FX.

This exclusive device allows you to detect the characteristics of your skinbody and hair their specific characteristics and needs, by tracking them over time, with the aim of definingThe results are then scientifically interpreted, a personalized itinerary dedicated to enhancing the uniqueness of every face and body.

The professional skin analyzer, Soft FX professional skin analyzer provides complete, in-depth readings in just a few minutes and offers the possibility of creating dedicated combination programs according to the area concerned. Whether it's facial skinskin handshands neck and décolleté or legs or hairthis innovative device quickly and objectively detects specific parameters and delivers personalized results.

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Thanks to SOFT FXyou can transform your point-of-sale into a point-of-sale of excellence, offering your customers exclusive services of the highest value and tailored

to patients: you can offer a highly innovative and effective analysis method, share and personalize comprehensive, easy-to-interpret results and create specific protocols, while building customer loyalty over time with statistics and progress records.

With the device, you can offer services and related productsintroduce and sell exclusive formulations and organize dedicated dedicated days to enrich the new service, and much more.


State-of-the-art technology


Growth in sales and company value


Quick tests and dedicated programs for face, décolleté, hands, body, legs and hair


Reports, statistics and files to build customer loyalty


A personalized experience tailored to your customers


Cosmetics and Technology Consulting

Soft FX is much more than a skin care deviceit's a complete, multifunctional, state-of-the-art system capable of measuring skin parameters and providing professional skin mapping.

Skin Analysis

From rapid tests for complete, personalized skin mapping, to meet specific needs and create customized wellness programs.

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Fast, comprehensive tests

immediate and objective measures


- Hydration

- Elasticity

- Melanin

- Sebum

- Ph

Visual analysis

Thanks to the micro-camera, HD images reveal the real appearance of the skin to guide customers towards the right beauty routine.


- Pigmentation

- Wrinkles

- Redness

- Pores

- Skin texture

- Keratin


- Structure

- Density

- Diameter

- Dandruff


Combined programs

From specific combined programs for face, body and hair, combining the use of probes and micro-cameras, to offer a complete, engaging and unique experience. experience.




Focus Visage programs

- Check-Up

Developed to assess the skin's general condition through measurements of pH, hydration and elasticity.

- Check-Up Pro

It also includes visual analysis of the skin with the micro-camera.

- Phototype

To identify skin type in relation to response to response to ultraviolet rays.

- Age Perfect

To identify the main signs of skin aging by measuring levels of elasticity, sebum and melanin uniformity levels

- Age Perfect Pro

It also includes pH measurement and visual skin analysis with the micro-camera.

- Sun Protection

Developed to recommend the most suitable according to phototype and exposure conditions.

- Purit.y

For impure skin and skin with high levels of often unbalanced moisture, pH and sebum levels that make skin sensitive.

- Sensit.y

It can be used to guide advice by measuring essential essential parameters to determine skin sensitivity.

- Illumin.y

Is the goal brighter, more even skin? even skin tone? This program is the most suitable because it measures various parameters, including hydration, melanin uniformity, texture and the presence of dead skin cells.




Focus Cellulite program

- Focus on cellulite

Rapid, non-invasive measurement using a wireless probe to identify hot and cold spots in the area under examination. Professional assessment of water retention levels and cellulite stage thus becomes an effective tool for recommending the best beauty course.




Focus Hair Program

- Focus on the scalp

Developed to provide a complete overview and analysis of the scalp.




Program Focus Décolleté

- Décolleté Expert

Developed to assess the condition of the décolleté, an area of the body highly sensitive to aging.




Focus Mains program

- Hand beauty

Hands show the signs of aging. This program assesses sensitivity and the state of skin aging.

Tailor-made programs:

With Soft FX, by combining the different parameters available, it is possible to design and define specific programs according to need, the area to be analyzed and the protocols to be recommended.

SOFT FX skin analyzer results and statistics

At the end of each analysis, the results generated can be customized with theand then printed, sent by e-mail, shared immediately or transmitted to any device directly from SOFT FX.

  • Header can be customized
  • Summary of detected parameters and notes entered
  • Professional considerations supporting data

  • Development of recommendations and protocols proposed to the customer

Statistical trends over time
Before-and-after visual contrast analysis

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